Speed Racers

Speed Racers 1.31

A futuristic racing adventure with tons of obstacles


  • Attractive visual appearance
  • Fun race courses


  • Might run sluggishly on slower computers
  • Adds nothing new to the race car gaming scene


Speed Racers is a racing game that throws users into a futuristic setting among the clouds.

If you're a big racing fan, you've probably gone through all of the popular street racing games for PCs already. Now's your chance to race in the future on several fun, technologically advantage race tracks in Speed Racers.

In Speed Racers one of your main concerns is being faster than your opponents. That's just the start of it though. Speed Racers also requires you to avoid a myriad of obstacles that show up on and around your track, such as holes that'll throw you right out of the sky itself.

Speed Racers' graphics are pretty good. The cars are crisp and interesting to look at, although there could definitely be more defined details. In addition, some of Speed Racers' tracks will keep you at the edge of your seat until you make it to the finish line, assuming you actually do! The obstacles thrown at you make the tracks challenging and fun to try to make it through.

Unfortunately Speed Racers can get repetitive after playing it for awhile. Some of the modes you can choose to play in Career player are also a bit disappointing and dull, providing no real unique experiences you couldn't find in other racing games. There's also no real underlying story in Speed Racers like some of the more intense games provide for you to get behind.

Speed Racers is good, solid and futuristic racing fun, but doesn't bring anything extra to the table beyond that.

Speed Racers


Speed Racers 1.31

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